3 Fun Summertime Things To Do in Phoenix

We all know summers in Phoenix can be super hot, so what is there to do? There is actually more to do than you may think which is why we have put together this short list of 3 fun summertime things to do in Phoenix.

The majority of the fun things to do are best done inside to avoid risking any health related issues due to the heat. I always joke that there is always Costco too!

A little background on Phoenix, or The Valley of The Sun–the area is known for its beautiful desert landscapes, outdoor activities, shopping, and nightlife. With its proximity to Arizona State University, North Phoenix is an attractive option for students and young professionals.

We are almost there! With so many options, it can take time to decide where to start. But do not worry – we have compiled a list of the top 3 things to do in Phoenix during the summer. From unique attractions to outdoor adventures, these are must-see spots in town. So, get ready to soak up the summertime fun in Phoenix! And read to the end to find out some pro tips.

Fun Summertime Thing #1 – Museum Hopping 

One of our favorite summertime thing to do in Phoenix is museum hopping! We of course are no Manhattan but we do have some fun places to visit too!

With various museums, Phoenix is the perfect place to explore art, history, and culture. From the Heard Museum, dedicated to the art and history of Native American cultures, to the Arizona Science Center, a fun and interactive family-friendly museum, there is something for everyone. You can also visit the Phoenix Art Museum and check out its impressive international art collection, or visit the Arizona Capitol Museum and learn about the state’s history. 

Museum hopping is a great way to spend your time in Phoenix, and there is no better way to do it than during the summer. With the warm, sunny, and dry weather, it is the ideal time to explore the city’s many museums. It is the perfect excuse to stay cool and beat the summer heat. 

Museum hopping is about more than just exploring the exhibits. You will also get to experience the unique architecture of each museum and take in the beautiful views of the city. You might even stumble across some hidden gems along the way.

Pro Tip #. All of the above museums are super fun and great to visit. Make sure to also check out The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in North Phoenix. I am not a huge music fan but wow, this place is amazing and super fun to visit for adults and families.

Water Parks and Splash Pads

Who doesn’t want a break from the scorching Phoenix heat? Phoenix is a hub for amazing water parks, which makes it an excellent destination for tourists and locals alike. With warm weather and clear skies, indulging in some outdoor fun is always a great way to spend the summer. 

There are several water parks in Phoenix, including Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, Paloma Park Splash Pad, and Anthem Community Center Big Splash Water Park. These places boast numerous fun attractions, making them ideal for families and friends to enjoy themselves while basking in the summer sun. 

Pro Tip #2. Want to get out of the house? Want to feel like royalty for a day or weekend? Check out any of the resorts websites for staycation packages. These are super fun and super affordable. Pro Tip 2a-find a resort with a lazy river. We have stayed at The Westin Kierland and it was a total blast. Enjoy your favorite cocktail floating on the river, or chair-side and chillax!

Enjoying the lazy river at the Westin Kierland

Night Hiking

Night hiking in Phoenix is an incredible experience that will take your breath away. From the stunning night sky to the unique desert landscapes to the exciting wildlife you may encounter, Phoenix night hikes offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

One of the best parts about night hiking in Phoenix is the beautiful night sky. Because our City is not full of skyscrapers and we usually have very little weather in the summer, night hikes will allow you to see the stars and constellations in their full glory. The Milky Way is often visible in the night sky, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your hike.

No matter where you decide to go, make sure you are prepared. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and a map of the area. Knowing the terrain ahead of time can help you plan your route and avoid getting lost.

Pro Tip 3. We went on a night hike with an REI guide–they brought all the lighting that was needed, knew exactly where we were going and made plenty of stops in case rest was needed. Being in the hands of pro is not needed but is for sure helpful.

Pro Tip 4. It’s 2 hours away from North Phoenix but well worth the drive. What am I referring to? Flagstaff. And the amazing Lowell Observatory. Seeing the sky in a dark sky environment and being at a higher elevation is truly remarkable. Plus, the temps in Flag usually run about 20 degrees cooler so summertime star viewing is still fun!

Don’t let the heat ruin your summer

With its warm temperatures and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that so many people make Phoenix their home. So if you are visiting Phoenix, let these summertime activities inspire you to make this city your house.

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  1. Don’t forget Hall of Flame 🔥 Museum of Firefighting! It’s a really unique museum with an acre of fire trucks and engines from the 1700s to 9/11. There are two fun kids areas too. It’s near the airport and Papago Park.

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